What we do.

Plus Plus helps transformative technology businesses find top talent and build world-class teams, specializing in machine intelligence and biotech engineers, scientists, and executives.

We work with integrity and optimize for quality.

About our founder, Nate Boyd.

I started Plus Plus to provide a fundamentally superior service, drawing upon my experience as a tech startup founder/CEO, engineer, product manager and marketer.

I'm a nerd who loves to learn. I started programming when I was a kid, which led me to MIT. I try not to take myself too seriously but I take my work very seriously.

I get it.

I have hired software engineers, designers, product managers, marketers, and sales execs. I have met plenty of disappointing recruiters. Whether you're looking to hire or make a move, I can probably relate.

Part career coach and part talent agent, I'm here to offer my perspective and help you get in the back door at desirable companies.

I'm interested.

I love learning about new tech, new businesses, and the people behind them. I want to know what defines you and what you need to succeed, so I can introduce you to the right people.

I have the background to get it and the curiosity to care. It makes this job fun for me and it’s why I can be effective for you.

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